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Route of the Month.

AWG7503 ENBO Bodo TO: ENEV Harstad/Narvik
Distance: 90.00 Miles | Reward Salary: 1000
A flight from our Bodo Schedules has been chosen as the Route of the Month for February.

Using our Q400 you depart from Bodo to Narvik in the early afternoon. Temperatures will be around freezing so wrap up well for the external inspection of the aircraft.

It is a relatively short route north taking in some stunning scenery along the way so with fine weather taking a few minutes looking out of the window is recommended. Your passengers will of course have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

The terrain around Narvik is quite high so preparation for the approach, usually runway 17, is key with careful consideration to be given to the missed approach procedure if required.

A little under fifty minutes after leaving Bodo you will arrive on the ramp at Narvik but with only thirty minutes to turn the aircraft around you need to begin preparations for the return as soon as you can.

Enjoy the flight.

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Jan (AWG154)
"I found AWG by chance when I came across a press release on the internet. Since joining, it has really made a huge difference to my flying experience. Reading about various topics in the `forum` has made me curious about new aspects of flight sim that I never was aware of or could not understand previously Since joining AWG flying has become so much more interesting and has made me challenge myself so much more to learn and understand more about flying various aircraft under different circumstances and conditions. It also feels now (for the first time) that I am part of a community now and not flying alone out there."

Muhammad (AWG070)
"I am now 64 years old and was interested to join the Airwego VA in 2015 as a pilot of short haul flights (1 to 2 hours) but don't have experience as VA pilot. Airwego offering a relaxed environment in which to enjoy Flight Simulation and make new friends with interesting bases and routes such as Manchester and other UK bases , ENBO and BODO (Scandinavia), Palermo/LICJ (Italy) and San Juan/TJSJ (Caribbean)"

Donald (AWG094)
"Both Tony (Operations Director) and I were members of a real world based VA and I told him I was getting fed up with their regimentation and "trying to make real pilots of us sim guys". Tony suggested I try AIRWEGO which has no ties to any airline company and is completely independent. The rules are at an absolute minimum and easily complied with. Their is no hassle and if you have a favourite aircraft that you can no longer fly on your current VA , then AIRWEGO is for you with passenger and cargo aircraft to choose from with fantastic professional liveries. As you know, I chose the MD11 and fly it frequently. You are not tied to strict flying hours but can choose from short to very long flights throughout Europe and the USA."

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